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Grace Drazal, our licensed aesthetician, is your elegant ambassador to healthy, glowing, youthful skin. She was classically trained in Eastern European facial tradition by Georgette Klinger and offers a full selection of facials for all types of skin and conditions, from acne to anti-aging, and everything in between, including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, masks and pure waxing services.

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Dr Mattone’s laser is called the Neo LightPod by Aerolase. It can be used safely and effectively on absolutely every skin type, even on tanned and the darkest skin tones as well as pain sensitive patients and teenagers.
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Invisilift is a non-surgical, non-invasive, painless facial procedure that uses FDA approved facial ultrasound. These gentle and effective sound waves are custom-constructed to target the middle layer of the dermis in the skin, where collagen, elastin, and DNA are manufactured. Ultrasound accelerates the metabolism of your collagen and elastin production creating tighter, thicker, firmer and more resilient youthful skin.
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PRP Microneedling

Microneedling may be one of the quickest and easiest ways to restore your skins natural elasticity, smoothness, firmness, and glow. Not only does it make your skin look rejuvenated, but it can also treat acne, help reduce scarring and even reduce oil production and black heads!
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Endermologie is a non-surgical, non-invasive, FDA approved full body treatment that dramatically reduces cellulite, sculpts away inches, and reshapes all body types without pain or downtime! The results are undeniably visible and measurable.

This French technique is a unique process that treats your skin and underlying tissues to a soothing deep tissue massage, while you relax on our treatment table wearing a thin, but modest body stocking. The 35-minute sessions are done twice weekly, and are thoroughly relaxing, yet invigorating. You will notice your energy level rise as your silhouette shrinks.

The ideal candidates for Endermologie are those who eat healthy and exercise regularly, yet still can’t lose those last few stubborn inches or love handles.

Dr. Mattone recommends Endermologie for patients who have had the CoolSculpting and o Emsculpt procedure. It enhances results because the mechanical deep tissue massage helps to kill more fat cells and aids in removal of cellular debris.

Endermologie is the perfect complement to liposuction, it smoothes and tones the skin, reduces cellulite, and decreases circumferential body measurements, while relieving muscle soreness, swelling and bruising. With Endermologie, you will fall in love with your body all over again.


Endermologie plays a unique role in sports. Elite, Olympic, and World Class championship athletes from diverse sports such as soccer, boxing, cycling, fencing, triathalon, football, golf, skiing, body building ,and even motor sports have been using Endermologie for years to enhance their peak athletic performance. Thoroughbred horses, (elite athletes themselves) receive Endermologie treatments as well.

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From start to finish, I knew I was in excellent hands with Dr. Mattone and her staff. If you’re looking for high quality, evidence-based treatment options, this is the place. I did Ultherapy and couldn’t be happier with the results!

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Clinical Studies Have Scientifically And Unequivocally Proven That Endermologie

  • Alleviates DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
  • Is effective in fluid removal
  • Optimizes muscular strength and power
  • Has the ability to produce intense, explosive efforts
  • Improves training tolerance
  • Reduces muscular fatigue

As a former Sports Medicine Physician, athlete, and Endermologie expert, Dr. O’Malley- Mattone is uniquely qualified to develop Endermosport treatment programs for athletes from various disciplines.. She treats elite Iron Men Triatheletes , NYC Marathon runners, as well as male and female weekend warriors. No matter what your fitness level is, Endermologie will take your training and recovery to the next level.

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