Why Get Ultherapy At Aesthetic Medical Studio?

Cosmetic Physician Dr. Kelly Mattone, known as the "Ultherapy Artist” has the distinction of being recognized and respected nationally, not only as a leading expert and provider of Ultherapy, but as a national speaker, consultant and educator.

Doctors from around the country come to her for advance training and treatments with Ultherapy. You can trust her to give you the LIFT you've been look for while still looking like yourself.

What Is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a gravity defying, non-invasive ultrasound treatment which boasts being the first and only FDA cleared procedure that LIFTS and tightens the skin on your neck, under your chin and your brows and improve lines on the décolletage with a single treatment.

Ultherapy is also the first and only non-surgical procedure which has FDA clearance to use ultrasound to see beneath the skin and visualize the deep skin structures, the same one’s surgeons work on in facelift or neck lift surgery. This allows Dr. Mattone to safely and noninvasively lift your face and neck and restore your facial features and youthful contours with surgical precision, depth, accuracy and temperature.

How Ultherapy Works

The sound waves of Ultherapy are micro-focused, allowing them to precisely target your damaged collagen and connective tissue in multiple levels from superficial to the deepest structural level of your skin's foundation, the same depth of a surgical facelift, without cutting or disrupting your skins surface.

The sound waves generate the optimal heat necessary to break apart the protein bonds that are holding your collagen together. Your body's response is to use its own resources to make brand new strong collagen, at multiple depths over a few months, resulting in a noticeable FDA approved lift.


Is Ultherapy Painful?

Ultherapy has gotten a bad rap in the past about being a painful procedure, while there is some discomfort at times, Dr Mattone’s patients find it very tolerable. We manage all expectations and offer our patients the NuCalm experience which takes away the anxiety and fear, allowing you to relax and be lifted comfortably.


Is Ultherapy Safe?

Because of the FDA clearance for visualization and the gentle nature and safety profile of ultrasound in medicine for more than 50 years, Ultherapy gives you an unparalleled level of safety which doesn’t exist in any other non-surgical device. Over 1 Million Ultherapy treatments have been safely performed in 53 countries around the world. Dr. Mattone has been successfully performing Ultherapy for seven years at Aesthetic Medical Studio, voted Best Day Spa in Long Island.

The gentle sound waves bypass the top layer of your skin, not only leaving it unaffected and completely intact, but allowing Dr Mattone to safely treat skin of any color without fear of pigment changes or burns and safely assure her patients no sun sensitivity, making Ultherapy a year-round treatment, even on a tanned face.

When Will I See Results From Ultherapy?

You will see and feel some immediate tightening and lifting, which will continue to gradually evolve overtime, be patient, maximal results take 6-8 months. Dr. Mattone likes to see her patients every three months to take comparative pictures because the results are so gradual you may not appreciate just what a lift you have.

How To Get The Best Results From Ultherapy

Dr. Mattone highly recommends the use of a patented award-winning liquid collagen/HA matrix supplement to directly supply your body with the fuel it needs to be a super collagen producing machine and achieve superior results. Collagen levels increase, HA levels rise 6000% in one month and the best news of all, the enzyme that breaks down HA, hyaluronidase, the one that makes you age, is stopped, all within one month. 37 clinical trials prove this, you can’t argue with science, and it’s even harder to argue with results.

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Other devices like radio frequency and laser can tighten your skin but cannot lift it, because as seen in the picture below they simply cannot achieve the correct temperature or depth to create a lift, putting Ultherapy in a class of its own, the ONLY non-invasive procedure FDA cleared to lift your brows, jowls, and neck, essentially a non-surgical facelift, no downtime!


Interested in learning more about ultherapy with Dr. Kelly Mattone? Call us at 516-482-2424 to schedule your consultation today! Aesthetic Medical Studio serves Manhasset, New York and all nearby areas in New York.

Ultherapy Before and After

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