At the Aesthetic Medical Studio under the direction of Kelly O’Malley Mattone, M.D. our services are custom designed to provide men and women with non-surgical cosmetic alternatives to erase years from the face and sculpt inches off the body.  Dr. O’Malley Mattone offers private complimentary consultations and performs a thorough hands on examination based on your personal concerns and individual needs.

Aesthetic Medical Studio, well known for being the first to provide non-surgical age defying face treatments like InvisiLift™, has added Microcurrent Facial Sculpting to its Studio services. Called the “facelift of the future”, Oprah revealed this Hollywood secret on her show, and Dr. O’Malley Mattone brought Microcurrent Facial Sculpting to Long Island. Low level, sub sensory electric currents lift, firm and tighten facial muscles, effectively restoring them to them to their original shape and position. The results are visible immediately.

Also new to the Medical Studio is Grace Drazal, licensed aesthetician, formerly of the Georgette Klinger Spa in Manhasset, NY.  She was classically trained in Eastern European facial tradition and performs basic as well as custom facials, Microdermabrasion, oxygen facials, peels, masks and waxing services. Grace is your elegant ambassador to healthy, glowing, youthful skin.

Our body treatments, performed with the French technique, Endermologie, are FDA approved for cellulite reduction and body sculpting, and reveal results that are undeniably visible and measureable. Patients who have had liposuction swear by Endermologie to speed healing and recovery and improve results by decreasing swelling and bruising and smoothing out the unexpected lumpy appearance. Endermologie also plays a unique role in sports. Elite professional and Olympic athletes around the world use Endermologie (called endermosport) to prevent and treat injuries, and eliminate D.O.M.S.(delayed onset muscle soreness), Endermosport allows the athlete rapid return to training, and greatly enhances peak performance in strength and endurance. Dr. O'Malley Mattone performs Endermosport on elite Ironmen Triathletes in the New York area, as well as male and female weekend warriors who are looking to step up their game.

Also popular in the  body works department are slimming and detoxifying dry body scrubs, and body masques that peel off in one piece. Expert massage, unlike any you’ve had before, is available by Nicole Nahmias, licensed massage therapist.

Our goal at Aesthetic Medical Studio is to help you achieve personal success, whether it’s in your quest for a more youthful appearance, or your desire to attain a state of physical well being and relaxation. Step into our peaceful and relaxing setting for a unique experience. Our professional staff is specialty trained and dedicated to providing men and women with non surgical alternatives to looking and feeling better about their faces, bodies and overall health and well being.


About Our Physician

Kelly O’Malley Mattone, M.D. is a Mount Sinai trained physician. She received her Medical Degree in 1989, completed a residency in Physical Medicine, and served as Chief Resident and Gross Anatomy Teaching Assistant.  Dr. O’Malley Mattone continued at Mount Sinai Hospital as an Attending Physician, Clinical Residency Instructor and Associate Professor of Gross Anatomy.

Dr. O’Malley Mattone continues to teach in formal and informal settings, serving as guest speaker at community health events and women’s organizations.  She mentors young women in medicine and is an advisory board member for the Center of the Women of New York, and the Navel Health Expo.

Dr. O’Malley Mattone is a mother of four and an over 40 model. She has been featured in More Magazine and has appeared on the Today Show, as well as other television and radio programs. She is a spokesperson for Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Make up and currently appears on their national infomercial, as well as an infomercial for Thermaclear, anti acne device. When she is not taking care of her patients and family, Dr. O’Malley Mattone can be found ice skating, kick boxing, playing tennis or rock climbing.



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