Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

The Face Lift of the Future…….Today

The hottest, Hollywood, non-surgical age defying face treatment has made its way to Long Island thanks to Oprah and Queer Eye and it’s called Microcurrent Facial Sculpting.

Since Microcurrent Facial Sculpting was featured on Oprah, what was once an insider, industry   beauty secret available only to super models and A-listers such as Madonna, Cate Blanchette, and Brad Pitt, has become mainstream.  The reason Microcurrent Facial Sculpting has become so popular and is in such high demand is simple: It produces instant visible results after just one single treatment.

Microcurrent, as the name implies, uses tiny amounts of electricity, so slight in fact, that you can’t feel the impulses, and your muscles won’t twitch.  These safe, painless impulses help overly tightened or furrowed muscles to relax and under worked or sagging muscles to regain strength.  By lifting, firming and tightening, Microcurrent Facial Sculpting effectively restores your facial muscles to nearly their original shape and position.

Although Microcurrent Facial Sculpting is the “current buzzword” in anti-aging aesthetics, the technology is not new.  Microcurrent has history; at least 50 years of historical usage and clinical trials supporting the efficacy of its anti-aging and healing benefits.

Microcurrent Facial Sculpting delivers instant gratification rarely seen with other anti-aging products or procedures.  In fact, the results are so dramatic, that if half the face is treated you will most definitely appreciate the visible differences between the treated and untreated side.  The results are cumulative, most patients require between 8-12 treatments.



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